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 Welcome to Jack Davis

 American made + trendy + modern

approach to your little youngster’s basics


As a mom of two little boys, i became frustrated with the narrow selection of baby and toddler boys’ apparel. Having studied and worked in the fashion industry for years, I always dreamed that someday I would start my own collection. little did i know that it would be a childrenswear line. eight years, married and two thriving little boys later, Jack davis apparel was born with the launch of our first collection in 2018!

Completely inspired by my two children and their colorful personalities, our pieces are designed to brighten { and go! } with your little ones. We know firsthand how important it is for your babe to move freely which is why we strive to keep comfort at the forefront of our designs. 

Located on the beautiful plains of Auburn, Alabama, I am beyond proud to say that EVERY SINGLE PIECE is carefully made here in the USA!